Imported from a Blogger post I wrote in 2008. Code shared on GitHub

For some reason I seem to find time to write code in R when I’m on an airplane. The last two trips I made resulted in significant enhancements and debugging of the code for my headroom plot. It started off simple but it now has a lot of bells and whistles, including color coding.

Main changes: the quantile used to remove outliers now only removes outliers that exceed the 95th percentile response time by default. It keeps all the throughput values unless you use qx=True.

In each of the throughput bins used to draw the histogram, the maximum response time for that bin is now calculated and displayed as a staircase line unless you set max=False. …


adrian cockcroft

Work: @AWScloud (ex BatteryVentures/Netflix/eBay/Sun). Views my own.

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