AWS re:Invent 2020 talks related to sustainability

adrian cockcroft
2 min readDec 1, 2020
Photo taken by Adrian — Orange mid-day sky at San Gregorio Beach — smoky from wildfires

I’ve recently become involved with the new Linux Foundation Open Source Climate Finance organization (OS-Climate). I’m helping manage AWS contributions to the project, as we build an open source data lake and analysis service that can be used to model climate related asset risks for investors. This includes physical asset risk from things like sea level rise and extreme weather events, as well as market changes from customers deciding to buy more sustainable products, and economic risk as the world economy is impacted by climate change. This is becoming topical as governments and public companies around the world are looking for efficient and standardized ways to report their sustainability impact, and investors and asset managers are looking for common datasets and models to base their risk analysis on.

AWS is supporting customers who are working to change the way they operate and build more sustainable products. I’m also interested in ways that we can optimize cloud architectures to reduce their carbon footprint. There are several talks at this year’s free online re:Invent that are related to sustainability, and it’s a topic I will cover in my talk on Dec 17th.

Here are all the sustainability related sessions:

Links from the Talk ID go to the first session chronologically, but the main pages do list alternate times (each timeslot has a unique url). I’ve sorted by date of first broadcast, and sessions will be available at the end of each week to stream on-demand.

Already Shown

ZWL207 — Empowering entrepreneurs through eco-initiatives

AIM254-G — Desbloqueando dados do espaço para resolver desafios do planeta Terra (Unlocking space data to solve challenges on planet Earth)

ZWL201 — Scaling sustainable community development with tech

ZCW206 — charity: water and Twisthink keep water flowing with AWS IoT

ZBF206 — Automating wind farm maintenance using drones and AI

AUT301 — Alexa, charge my car! Test drive the Accenture EV roaming platform

Thursday Dec 3rd

WPS210 — Using open data for sustainable agriculture

AES22 — Climate Pledge Arena: The future of innovation and sustainability

Tuesday Dec 8th

WPS206 — Detecting extreme weather events from space

Thursday Dec 10th

PNU203 — Fighting wildfire with artificial intelligenceFriday Dec 11th

IOT205 — How Carrier is transforming the cold chain to reduce food & medicine waste

Wednesday Dec 16th

IOT207 — AWS at the edge: Using AWS IoT to optimize Amazon wind farms

Thursday Dec 17th

ARC213 — Adrian Cockcroft’s architecture trends and topics for 2021

Here’s the youtube video of my talk.



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