Open letter to my Sun friends at Oracle (updated from 2010 post)

The final sunset. Photo by @adrianco

In the summer of 2010 I wrote the following blog post, and given the latest news about how it worked out, I thought it was worth migrating the post from blogspot to medium and adding some commentary to update it.

Here’s the key quote, which is still true today. Many people have transferable skills, but lack the specific experience: “What can you do to “escape”? The tools are right there, you don’t need to invest significant money, you just need to carve out some spare time to use them. Everything is either free open source, or available in the free tier or for a few dollars on the Amazon cloud.

The main update from 2010 is that I joined AWS last year, and we’re now a big company ($16B annualized revenue run rate), growing fast, hiring lots of people, and still building products that are changing the world.

I’ve set up my twitter account for open DM’s and will try to keep on top of my LinkedIn messages in the coming weeks. I’m always happy to hear from old friends and colleagues looking for what to do next.

[August 2010]

Some technology updates: nowadays I’d take time to learn Python and Go rather than Objective C or Java, and play around with deep learning rather than Hadoop — the “straight dope” tutorial is a great place to start. My Netflix era and Battery Ventures era slide deck tutorials may also be useful context.

Good luck, and keep in touch, you can find me on LinkedIn or twitter @adrianco.

Originally published at — updated on September 1, 2017.

Work: Amazon Sustainability (ex AWS, Battery Ventures, Netflix, eBay, Sun Microsystems, CCL)