What Adrian Did Next: 2022 Conference Appearances

adrian cockcroft
2 min readAug 2, 2022
Weymouth and Chesil Beach viewed from Portland Heights — photo by Adrian

I gave a talk at Monitorama in Portland Oregon in June, which set out the idea that carbon is just another metric to monitor, and that in a few years most of the monitoring and performance tuning tools are going to be reporting and optimizing for carbon alongside latency, throughput, availability and cost. However today carbon metrics are complicated and confusing, and the situation is evolving quickly.

I’m doing occasional presentations and will be attending conferences, in-between road trips and vacations, (including to visit family in the UK near the photo shown above), and I look forward to keeping in contact with old friends and colleagues.

TheCube is running a virtual Supercloud event on August 9th, and I’m taking part in a panel moderated by John Furrier, along with two old “clouderati” friends Lori MacVittie of F5, who write a blog on Supercloud a few months ago, and Chris Hoff of Lastpass, a security expert who helped lead BofA’s technology platform for several years.

I’m presenting in person for the AWS Community day on September 9th at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View California. My talk is going to feature “Adrian’s Greatest Hits, B-Sides and Re-issues” and I’m going to rerun and comment on talks I’ve given in the past, including some of the original Netflix Architecture content from 2010 and my GigaOM Cloud Trends talk from 2015.

Map Camp is online on October 13th, and I’m very happy that I was able to help get AWS to sponsor the event. I’m speaking again, as part of a triad of three speakers on The Role of Poverty in Sustainability, moderated by Gen Ashley. Carol Freitas works on this topic in Brazil, Caitlin McDonald is a UK based researcher, and I will be helping to map the discussion, something like we did last year with Carlota Perez and Andra Sonea.

I’m the Green Technology track lead for the QCon San Francisco conference on October 25th, I’m bringing sustainability concerns to both development and operations, which I’m calling DevSusOps. We also have a talk from Thoughtworks on the Cloud Carbon Footprint tool, and two more talks that are still being confirmed.

I’m making a virtual appearance for the DevOps Summit Canada on Nov 7th, talking about DevSusOps again.

I plan to attend the Supercomputing SC22 event in Dallas in November, and AWS reInvent in Las Vegas in December, primarily in an analyst role, I won’t be presenting, but I might turn up as a guest on The Cube to comment on what’s been announced…

I’ll wrap up the year in Australia presenting in-person on the YOW! tour that goes from Brisbane to Melbourne to Sydney from the 5–13th of December.



adrian cockcroft

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